Justification of Putting the Audience Through a Difficult Evening

When we look to the past from now, we already know the history of what was going on after that specific time point, we are likely to think ourselves as a prophet and easily judge people at that time.

We are both fragile and self-confident person in some ways. We can’t stand to a simple flaw in our logic line and build-up values. As mentioned in the reading: “There was nothing good or attractive about him, nothing true in what he said. And in my opinion the reason they make that argument is that if Hitler did not love his dog, if he did not ever say anything true, then we know that we all could have seen him for the monster he was.” We are self-confident that sometimes we choose not to believe what demonstrate later is the truth, like many documentations verify that Hitler did love his dog.

The audience at Hitler’s time are persuade by his speeches, thus every feature he owns became a symbol of leadership. From our perspective, Hitler’s mustache and haircut is the symbol of evil. We can’t say Hitler’s followers in nineteenth century were evil people, they just believe in the wrong person.

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